Current Hair Transplant Applications

Hair is the most noticeable on a person. It gives an impression of your age and health. A full bunch makes you look younger and a bald head makes you look older. Although this is a relative term, with hair loss people feel dissociated both socially and personally.

Genetic and age-related hair loss does not leave deep marks, but it can lead to major psychological problems. Today’s technology offers many solutions for aesthetic and health problems. One of the effective solutions is hair transplantation.

Most hair loss is seen in men between the ages of 36-40 years. The first hair loss and thinning starts at the crown, but also often at the coves. After that, the hair loss will be seen everywhere and there is baldness. This can be counteracted with a hair transplant.

Hair loss will always be experienced. With current technology, one can already undergo hair transplants and achieve an effective result. The first hair transplant was successfully performed in 2003. The healthy hair follicles, or grafts, were removed from the donor area and placed on the balding area. The hairs are therefore basically moved.

A donor area contains thousands of grafts and a graft contains several hair roots. The relocated grafts give a successful and lasting result. After the hair transplant, the scalp may be swollen and red. Other than that, there are no serious complications. Hair transplant prices vary. These depend on the content and characteristics of the operation.

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