Hair Transplant Without Shaving

It is possible to regain the lost hair, the most important beauty accessory of both men and women, with the unshaven hair transplant technique.

This technique is preferred for scarcity or spillage that occurs in the crown area, frontline, and various points of the head. The donor area is shaved, whether it is an FUE, DHI or implant method. Hair transplantation is performed without shaving the problem area.

How is unshaven hair transplant performed?

The steps for hair transplantation using the unshaven method are mentioned below:

  • The patient for whom this technique is applied will receive an explanation about the procedure for hair transplantation. In addition, information is provided about possible complications.
  • Experts do the design of the hairline with the laser technique
  • The patient’s hair is completely washed and sterilized. At the back of the head where the grafts will be taken, an area 2 to 4 cm wide will be shaved. In addition, the operating area for unshaven hair transplantation is provided with sterilization and sedation.
  • Hair follicles are collected and counted. For this process, the hair in the nape area is used. First, saline is injected into this area. Thus, the roots are collected correctly and comfortably. During the collection process, the person does not feel any pain or prickling. Grafts are collected by experts.
  • It is ensured that the roots to be transplanted to the planting area are at the same depth and orientation as the existing hair follicles. If the angle of the hair to be transplanted is the same as the existing hair, it will give a natural look. For this reason, the channels must be adjusted at a special angle. Channels should be opened as large as the transplanted roots. For this, adjusting the distance of the hair is a very important point.
  • Roots brought to the problem area, the hair follicles are correctly placed in the channels. This ensures the integration of the transplanted hair. The specialist will plant the hair follicles in the determined amount in the determined area according to the schedule.
  • After hair transplantation, a hair-strengthening treatment is applied, so that the healing process is accelerated.
Haartransplantatie Zonder Schering

Methods for unshaven hair transplantation

Hair transplant methods applied with the unshaven technique are explained below:

  • In patients with long hair, a window is made on the back of the head between their two ears. Hair follicles are taken from here and transplanted to the problem area using FUE or DHI methods. For example, the hair is transplanted by invisible shaving.
  • In the second method, hair transplantation is performed without shaving the donor and problem area.

Who can undergo an unshaven hair transplant?

Hair transplant without shaving is a very preferred method. Women who do not want their hair cut want to get rid of their problem with this method. This method is usually applied to the following people:

  • When women experience hair loss, they choose this technique.
  • Those who have thin hair at the top choose to have intermediate hairs placed at the thinned area of the hair with this technique.
  • Those who have suffered partial hair loss due to an illness or accident prefer this technique.
  • Those who have forehead baldness problems get rid of their problems with the unshaven hair transplant method.
  • Those who have a lot of hair loss at the coves also opt for this technique.

What are the benefits of unshaven hair transplantation?

The advantages of hair transplantation with the unshaven technique are as follows:

  • People with long hair have no visible traces of this procedure after unshaven transplantation.
  • After unshaven technique, people return to their social and business life in a short time.
  • People with long hair do not wait to grow their hair after this procedure.

Disadvantages of unshaven hair transplantation

The disadvantages of hair transplantation with the unshaven technique are listed below:

  • The most important thing about this technique is that the success of an unshaven hair transplant depends on the expertise of the doctor.
  • The transplantation process must be done very carefully, during this process the distance between the hair follicles must be adjusted very well, if the distance is not properly adjusted, the remaining hairs can be lost.
  • With the unshaven technique, the treatment takes longer than other techniques.
  • The treatment must be carried out in hygienic conditions, otherwise it will lead to complications.

Results of unshaven hair transplant

As a result of this technique, attention is paid to a natural and dense appearance of the hair, which requires a lot of attention and expertise. The number of grafts that can be used with the unshaven hair transplant technique is more limited.

The area to be transplanted should therefore not be too large, this can affect the result of hair transplantation without shaving. It is very important to follow the doctor’s advice and directions after the transplant process.

What are the differences between unshaven hair transplant and shaved hair transplant?

The unshaven or shaved technique is used depending on the density of the area to be transplanted. With the shaved technique, as many grafts as possible should be taken because the area to be transplanted is often larger. With the unshaven technique it is possible to take the required number of grafts because the area to be transplanted is often smaller. This technique is an intensive process that requires patience and effort.

Bij de FUE-methode worden de gezonde haarwortels een voor een verwijderd door een plastisch chirurg, als een rechte lijn op het achterhoofd tussen de twee oren. De verpleegsters sorteren de grafts vervolgens in groepjes van 1, 2 en/of 3. De volume (haardikte) per cm2 wordt vastgesteld en berekend, om te kunnen bepalen wat de beste stap is voor de patiënt en hoeveel grafts bijv. het beste resultaat geeft. De lengte en breedte van de lijn van het donorgebied wordt bepaald om de optimale aantal grafts te kunnen extracteren. De FUE-methode maakt ook gebruik van hoogwaardige technologische vooruitgang, desondanks wordt er wereldwijd toch liever gekozen voor de FUE-methode
Haartransplantaties in de 21ste eeuw

What you need to know for an unshaven hair transplant

  • To apply this technique, the hair must be a certain length. This length, which varies according to the patient’s hair structure, has been set at an average of 7 cm.
  • To reduce the risk of bleeding from hair transplants, drugs such as blood thinners should remain under the supervision of a physician.
  • Products such as lotion, hair styler, cream and cologne should not be used for a certain period of time to allow the hair follicles to heal properly.
  • This hair transplant technique may not be applicable to everyone. For this reason, the problem area to be transplanted should be determined before application. For this it is necessary to pay attention to the advice of the doctor.
  • Caffeine beverages should be discontinued one week before application.
  • It is recommended to stop smoking and alcohol for a month before treatment. If it cannot be stopped, it must be reduced.

Reactions to unshaven hair transplant

  • I lost my confidence due to hair loss. Thanks to hair transplantation with the unshaven method, I have thick and dense hair. I recommend this comfortable and painless method to everyone (Samet Kantarcı)
  • When I, as a working woman, no longer knew what to do with my thinning hair, I heard about the unshaven method. I completed my hair transplant without anyone around me noticing. I am now happier with my firm and natural hair. I would like to thank the team of experts who performed my operation (Elif Yılmaz)
  • My hair loss was mainly in the upper part. This bothered me a lot. I was looking for a method where I could get natural results in hair transplantation. I have opted for unshaven hair transplantation with the right guidance from your expert team. Thank you for having healthier and more vibrant hair than before (Mert Kavak)
  • I experienced the unshaven transplant very easily with the friendly and relaxed approach of your team. Since I got rid of the hair problem, my motivation for life has increased (Mehmet Can Arifoğlu)
  • After I went into menopause, my hair became sparse. I am rid of the mild scarcity with unshaven hair transplant. (Saadet Cangoz)

Unshaven hair transplant for men and women with short hair

This method can be used on men with hair of about 7 cm and women with short hair. For this, the neck area is shaved in two horizontal strips about one finger thick. The hair on the shaved area will cover the shaved area. Therefore, the operation is not noticed.

The grafts obtained from the shaved area are planted in the problem area. Men who experience hair loss will experience the unshaven hair transplant with ease without anyone noticing and without disconnecting from their social life. With unshaven hair transplant, you will get luscious, natural and healthy hair at the end of 6 to 7 months.

Unshaven hair transplant for men and women with long hair

One of the most sought after methods by men and women with long hair is hair transplantation with unshaven technique. A small window-shaped area is shaved in the neck where the hair follicles are collected. The long hair on top covers the shaved area. Therefore, it is easy to get this treatment without anyone noticing.

Hair follicles from the shaved area are placed into the problem area through channels. Men and women who experience hair loss will have natural, healthy and strong hair within 6 to 7 months with unshaven hair transplant without renouncing social life.


Unshaven Hair Transplant Prices 2021

The pricing depends on, among other things, the method to be used when determining the price for hair transplantation with the unshaven technique, the structure of the patient’s hair, the number of grafts and the area to be transplanted.

In unshaven transplantation, one of the FUE and DHI methods will be used. The prices for both methods are different. The size of the area to be transplanted will determine which method will be used.
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