Beard Transplant

A whisker transplant and/or a beard transplant is a permanent solution if the hair on your face is completely or partially missing. This can be natural, it can also be due to a scar. Or maybe you don’t think the thickness of the hair is enough. The natural result of the treatment is permanent, the procedure is virtually painless and you will not be left with any scars.

A mustache or beard transplant is done with the FUE Sapphire method. One by one, our hairtechnician removes grafts (hair follicles) from a donor area on the back of your head. The grafts are checked for quality and then replaced one by one in the places where you want them. The transplanted grafts will continue to produce hairs for a lifetime.

The number of grafts needed depends on the surface area of the bald or sparsely haired area and the graft density. The number of grafts in a mustache or beard transplant can vary from 50 to 2500 grafts. During a free consultation, one of our medical specialists will make an accurate assessment. The treatment takes between four and seven hours.


Process after the beard transplant?

After the hair transplant you can in principle resume your daily activities after 3 days. We recommend that you keep your beard moist for the first 15 days with the lotion that you have been given. You should not lift heavy for the first 2 weeks. In addition, it is also not recommended to exercise, swim or sunbathe for the first month.
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