Eyebrow – Eyelash Transplant

Eyebrow transplantation is usually chosen by women, but it can also offer a solution for men. It is performed when you have few or no eyebrows. It can also offer a solution if you have scars in this area due to an accident or surgery.

Due to the new trend of thick eyebrows and the successful results of the transplants, there has been a remarkable increase in eyebrow transplants in recent years.

Prior to the eyebrow hair transplant, the shape can be adjusted to your wishes in consultation with the doctor. The doctor will indicate what yields the most beautiful and natural result.

On average, 200-300 hair roots are transplanted for both eyebrows. The treatment takes about four hours.

An eyelash transplant is a permanent solution if your eyelash hairs are naturally lacking. An eyelash transplant is also a solution if your eyelashes have been permanently lost due to chemotherapy, radiation or burning.

About 100 single grafts are needed for a treatment on both lashes. For maximum density, additional hair follicles may be transplanted in a follow-up treatment. An eyelash transplant is a day treatment of about four hours.


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