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How many days do I need for a hair transplant procedure?
The operation is done within a day. The next day you come by for a check-up and the next day for the first wash. In the following days you can continue with your social and daily activities.
How long does the hair transplant itself take?
The hair transplant takes on average 6 to 8 hours. Our specialists spend an average of two hours collecting the hair follicles. Then the channels are opened in the required area. This will take about an hour. The final process where the hairs are replaced takes about three hours.
Can the implanted hairs fall out?
The implanted hairs are obtained from the donor area. The hairs in the donor area are coded as “non-falling hairs”. Genetically it is also not possible. The hairs that are therefore implanted cannot lead to hair loss.
Will it show that I have had a hair transplant?
After a FUE Sapphire hair transplant, no scars are left. In addition, the channels with a sapphire point are opened, which will lead to a natural result.
Where is the donor area?
The donor area is located at the back of your head, under the crown and behind the ears. The hair follicles are strongest in these areas and are coded as “non-falling hairs”.
Can hairs be implanted on me without having my hair trimmed before surgery?
It is possible to undergo a hair transplant without shaving your hair. This mainly applies to women. Please contact one of our specialists to discuss the options.
Will the removed hair follicles from the donor area grow back?
The hairs obtained from the donor area can grow back for 40%. This is because the hair follicles are cut at an angle. The remaining tissue can develop as new hair again. Our medical team is able to work with the finest drill bits, so damage will be minimal. As a result, no unnaturalities will be noticed.
How many hairs can be transplanted?
It is important to ask 2 questions; How many hairs can we remove in one session and how many hairs do I actually need? On average, a person has 60-80 grafts per cm2. Our medical team is able to transplant up to 7,000 grafts in one session. This is about 17,000-18,000 hairs. In a consultation, the current density of your hair is examined by means of a hair analysis to see which solution is possible for you.
When will I see the result?
The end result is visible after 9 to 12 months.
What should I pay attention to before and after the hair transplant?
Below you will find the documents that you should pay attention to before and after a hair transplant.
Is the hair transplant painful?
The hair transplants are performed under local anesthesia. This is achieved without injections. The anesthetic is applied using a special pressure-spray technique. 91% of our guests experience it as no pain.
Who are all eligible for a hair transplant?
Our target group is men and women with hair loss, but also people with a birthmark or wound who request a cosmetic procedure. Think of surgical scars and burns, which have lost the hair as a result. It is possible to camouflage these areas with a hair transplant.
Are there consultation costs?
A consultation is free of charge and without any obligation.
Why do we choose HairtimeIstanbul?
HairTimeİstanbul has 14 years of experience in hair transplantation as a company. The team has performed thousands of successful transplants. HairtimeIstanbul is ahead of the developments and works with the latest equipment. In addition, the clinics are modernly furnished and bound to strict hygiene guidelines in the field of disinfection and sterilization. HairtimeIstanbul has been rated with a 9.9 on the website, thanks to the quality hair transplants and the successful aftercare. You can make an appointment with one of our specialists for specific advice for a hair transplant.

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