Definitive solution for baldness

Baldness can have a variety of causes such as genetic predisposition, hormonal issues, scarring, burns etc. But for whatever reason, it can be a problem that significantly affects a person’s quality of life and leads to even more important problems such as losing self-confidence . For this reason, we see that people with baldness resort to various solutions and try to solve the problem.

Workarounds can be used to deal with the problem of baldness or less hair. Solutions such as artificial hair, prosthetic hair and wigs are short-lived and expensive (because they don’t last a lifetime, they have to be renewed). However, a technique that has been used for almost half a century and has become almost perfect today seems a much more logical solution.

This method is a surgical hair transplant method. With this method, the needs and options are discussed during an intake with the patient and the specialist. According to this, hair follicles capable of lengthening (not unlike normal hair) are transplanted to the non-hair area.
So you can have real hair as a result of a very short operation and a short maintenance process. This is a definitive solution that you cannot compare with other methods. The cost of the operation starts from 800 euros and can go up to 8000 euros.

Definitieve oplossing voor kaalheid
The size and volume of the area to be implanted play a major role in determining the cost. Of course the prices for the overnight stay, transfer are included. In addition, it is also important where you perform the hair transplant.

In the Netherlands, costs are higher with regard to medicines and labour. In Turkey, the costs for this are considerably lower. But if the prices of wigs or the like are considered as thousands of euros, then it can be said that it is possible to do hair transplantation with very reasonable cost.

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