Different prices for hair transplants

The most effective solution for thinning and balding hair is hair transplantation. In short, the hairs that are healthy and grow, so do not differ from the other hairs, can be used for a hair transplant.

It is the most budget-friendly, logical and effective solution for baldness or thinning hair. The costs are about the same as a good wig or hairpiece, but with a hair transplant you have a long-term solution instead of a short-term solution with a wig or hairpiece.

Despite the appropriate prices for hair transplantation, the cost is often discussed. The reason is that the clinics do not have standard prices and some companies offer extremely low prices or, on the contrary, offer very high prices. It is important to first explain the price difference.

Firstly, one must accept that a hair transplant is a serious procedure and must be performed under strict clinical conditions and protocols. In addition, it must be performed by plastic surgeons and specialized doctors.

If these conditions are not adhered to, a low price can be offered. In order to avoid problems in the future, it is wise to first analyze the clinic in which circumstances and by whom the intervention is performed.

Prices may also differ due to patient need. One may need fewer/more hair follicles or have to receive an adapted treatment given his situation. The analysis and/or certain tests may change prices. In addition, aftercare is an important concept. If a clinic continues to coach for a year, this will certainly be reflected in the price.

The most important thing is that a clinic has been able to prove in the most budget-friendly way (references and before-after photos) that a hair transplant has been successfully realized by quality doctors. The difference between the lowest and highest price can be a maximum of one wig.

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