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Hair loss problems are among the problems that many people may encounter. The hairs in the human body may shed or not grow at all due to the effects of hormones, genetic features, accidents or other injuries such as burns.

This is a bigger problem than you may think. It affects the majority of men and about 5% of women. Therefore, different solution methods can be used to close the bald areas.

In case of baldness or partial baldness, hair transplantation seems to be the method that can be used to ensure regrowth and solve the problem with certainty. In this method, after the necessary tests and analyses, the needs of the patient and the possible applications are determined.

The specialist then plans the operation. The surgery is performed in the operating room environment under appropriate conditions. It is performed under local anesthetic and usually lasts between 3 hours and 8 hours. After the operation, structural checks and care are given. The implanted hair follicles will be visible after 3 months. At the end of about a year, the hair will grow like your own hair.

The main advantage of this method is that, unlike other solutions, it provides permanent solution for baldness. A successful operation ensures that you can use the implanted hairs like your own hair.

Therefore, even if the hair transplant prices are very high, it seems the most appropriate solution to apply. In addition, the cost of the surgery is often the same as for a wig. You get a final solution with your real hair. Anyone with hair loss and baldness issues should investigate this issue more closely.

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