Hair transplant operations

Hair has different impression on people. The presence of is identified as young and the absence of hair is identified with old age. The most noticeable area in the human body is usually hair.

It is a relative problem, but for the person experiencing hair loss, it feels some damage both privately and socially. While hair loss caused by heredity and age does not leave deep scars, scarring caused by disease can sometimes lead to abstract problems.

Nowadays, with the advancement of modern technology, many aesthetic and health problems can be easily solved. One of the solutions in this direction is hair transplant surgery.

Hair loss is mainly seen in men aged 36-40 years. First, the thinning is seen at the back. Sometimes on both sides of this forehead. Then baldness occurs through backwards and to the whole area. In surgery, the problem is often minimized.

Hair loss or baldness is a lifelong condition. With the development of technology, hair transplantation can be re-applied and problems can bring more effective results day after day. For the first time in 2003, hair follicle transplants have yielded definitive results.

In the surgery, the hair follicles are removed from the back of the patient and transferred to the bald area in front. Basically, the process of moving the roots of donor hair is applied. These hair follicles at the back can always grow.

Dozens of hair come from a donor root and thousands of roots are transplanted to the bald area. Transferred hair is permanent for life. Otherwise, hair transplant will not have much meaning.

After the hair transplant, the patient may have side effects such as slight swelling and redness on the posterior area. Other than that there will be no side effects. Hair transplant prices also vary depending on the type of surgery.

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