Organic Hair Implant

Medicap Ltd was founded in 1983 as a development center for bio-compatible fibers to provide the optimal solution for hair loss. The results of the research and scientific testing activities lead us to the development of Biofibre Hair Implant, a product and method that enables a direct aesthetic solution for hair loss.

Biofibre is hair that is biologically compatible with the skin and is produced in a test environment. It is now possible to implant the fibers under the skin and thus solve the lack of hair in a short time.

This method is suitable for people without hair and/or people with little hair who still want more volume. The Biofibre is easy and quick to implant and is indistinguishable from your own hair.



Before we can start, the right fibers are selected according to size, color and type. 200 fibers are first applied to the person in question for test and it is waited up to 15-30 days for the result. If no allergic reactions have occurred, we can make an appointment to carry out the treatment.

The treatment is performed in a hygienic and sterile environment under the supervision of the Biofibre specialist. Thus, it is possible to deal with the problem of hairlessness in a short time and to have a beautiful aesthetic look.

Chance of success?

Biofibre recognizes the system from many studies. The fibers were tested on 196 people and followed for a period of two years after treatment. Nothing out of the ordinary was noticed in 86% of that number within two years.

In 11% of the 196 a small form of infection has occurred and in 1.5% the fibers curled due to an error during the treatment, so that the fibers had to be removed. At a small percentage of 1.02%, the fibers were removed as a result of increasing reaction.

Properties of Biofibre implantation technique

Biofibre is performed by trained and specialized doctors in a medical environment. Detailed information about the person concerned will be passed on by the specialist. Of course it is not a “wig” method in which the hairs themselves can be removed and then reapplied.

Since the fibers will be placed under the skin one by one, it will not be possible to distinguish with your own hair. The fibers can thus offer a result for everyone’s own wishes. This method is not only applicable for areas that have previously suffered from hair loss, but also for scar tissue and/or burns it will provide the desired result achievable.

Biofibre is available in 13 standard colours, 3 different lengths (15, 30 and 45 cm) and 3 hair types (straight, wavy or curly).

It is important that after the implantation all advice given is followed for the durability of the biofibre hairs.

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