Treatment day

You will be welcomed by your hair advisor on the day of the treatment. We will go through your file again and then we will prepare you for the treatment.

The first step is to collect the grafts. You will then lie on your stomach. The procedure starts with local anesthesia using a spray technique. Then we will drill out the grafts by means of a micromotor. These are removed with tweezers and collected in a patch.

The second step is to open the channels. The channels are opened by means of a sapphire point. This is the most important process in hair transplantation. The hair technician determines the density, growth direction and depth of the hair.

The last step is to replace the grafts. This is performed by 2 or more hair technicians.

In total, the treatment lasts between 6-8 hours on average. This is also highly dependent on the number of grafts transplanted.


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