Washing After The Hair Transplant

The first wash after surgery will be done by one of our experts.

You will have to use the shampoo and lotion that we give you for 15 days in the way that we prescribe. After these 15 days you can use your own shampoo again. Do not use fortifying shampoo such as lotion, bioaxin, bioblas, rogain etc for 15 days after surgery.

Make sure that the water you wash your head with is not too hot or has too strong a spray pressure, otherwise you could damage your scalp.

For the first 10 days after surgery, wash your scalp by gently dipping on your head, so do not rub. The following 5 days you can wash gently with a massage. If you still have scabs on your scalp after the 15th day of surgery, please contact our experts.

If you experience pimples, dandruff, scabs or other skin irritations long after the operation, please contact us.

After the operation we also give you a head protector, we advise you to use it after the first wash.


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