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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hair Transplant in Turkey?
The fundamental reason is in the prices. A hair transplant Turkey can cost between € 2,000 and € 3,000, while the same intervention in the United States or Europe costs five times as much. Cost reduction is determined by labour. In Turkey, professionals’ salaries are low compared to other countries, favourably affecting the final price. For the rest, the facilities and instruments present the same guarantees.
What clothes do I have to wear on the day of my hair transplant in Turkey?
You will have to dress comfortably in a button-down or zip-up shirt for the day of the operation. And sweaters and button-down or zip-up jackets. To prevent anything from going through your head.
Can I have my hair cut/go to the hairdresser before transplantation in Turkey?
The client must appear at the clinic with a haircut of minimum level 3 and no lower.
Can hair transplantation in Turkey be done during the summer months?
Hair transplantation can be done during the 12 months of the year without any problem.
Are clients satisfied with Global Health services?
100% of our clients are satisfied with the result of their hair transplant in Turkey. If you have doubts, you can see the photos of the before and after the hair transplant.
What experience does the doctor have in hair transplants?
Over 10 years of experience in the hair transplant sector and more than 50,000 internationally recognized patients.
What is DHI? Who can do it?
The DHI (Direct Hair Implant) technique is possible only in the following cases: • Good blood circulation. • Graft sessions not exceeding 3,500 follicles. • This technique allows not shaving the patient.
When do the first hairs start to grow, and the change is noticeable?
After 1 week, a maximum of 10 days, we will begin to see how the first hairs appear and grow.
Can women have a hair transplant?
Of course, yes. The method to decide whether a woman can undergo a hair transplant will be the equivalent as that we operate with a man, sending him photos and further information that we may need. The medical team will carry out the following evaluation.
How many sessions are required to achieve good results?
It depends on each case. 85% of patients who go to Istanbul in just one session, the expected result is obtained. The medical team does everything possible to assure that the patient does not have to return to Istanbul to undergo a second intervention. After returning from Turkey, it is essential to memorise that discussions can be made with the professional in your country of origin who is in close contact with the Dr Yavuz clinic
Duration: 2 minutes. nothing but
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